Conscious Awareness

Build Conscious Awareness of Synchronicity in Your Life

Now that you know what synchronicity is, how to distinguish between it and chance, and how it is revealed in your life, you can begin to use your conscious awareness of it in your daily life.

Remember, not every fluky thing that happens to you is necessarily synchronicity. But when you are face to face with true synchronicity you can use it to avert disaster, make fortuitous decisions, and enjoy more of the magic and wonder in life.

Interpreting Synchronicity Correctly

We can both look at the same cloud and see two different things. Likewise, when a synchronicity happens to you, there are often multiple ways to interpret it. So how do you interpret synchronicity correctly?

First, there is no way to correctly interpret synchronicity without a robust internal life. Whether that includes prayer, meditation, yoga, or faith, synchronicity is first and foremost internal. Only the effects are revealed externally.

To interpret what you see against what you feel inside, you have to be in tune with your inner self. The message will come to you in a dream, vision, premonition, or gut feeling. You must learn how to communicate within or with a higher power for the correct interpretation.

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What to do with the Messages Received

Some messages are easy to interpret: You keep seeing the same 4 numbers in a row all day long, so you play the lottery with those numbers. It doesn’t mean that you will win, but if you believe it is synchronicity, your chances are much greater of winning now than without it!

Dreams that are warnings or premonitions can be a little harder to interpret. If you keep in mind that these types of synchronies are part of your inner message board so to speak, you know that internal messages are given through feelings. What you see in a dream isn’t as important as what you feel.

A warning can be a very simple image with little to go on but the deep sorrow you feel in your heart. Sit in quiet meditation or prayer to listen for what to do with the message you received.

Developing Awareness to Receive Synchronic Messages

All of these things: recognizing synchronicity, interpreting it, and acting on it, requires a higher level of consciousness. We have talked before about living life with an open mind and being more open to new experiences.

Like most of the tools I give you on this blog for turning your life around, if you are a negative person or closed off to change, it won’t work. Before you can begin realizing special synchronicities in your life, you have to shake the shackles of pessimism and doubt.

5 Ways to Reveal More Synchronicity in Your Life

  1. Keep a dream journal by your nightstand and write them down as soon as you wake up.
  2. Try meditating on a premonition or gut feeling.
  3. Watch for significance in every day life whether it is cloud formations, a beautiful vista, or a conversation with a stranger; these all provide opportunities for more synchronicity.
  4. Talk about synchronicities that have happen to you with your friends and family – they may see in ways that you don’t and you can learn from their stories to look for more in your life.
  5. Be objective. Don’t just interpret messages the way that you want them to be but see them for what they are even if it isn’t the answer or message you were hoping for.
Maya GraceBuild Conscious Awareness of Synchronicity in Your Life