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The capacity to induce/produce an intentional thought is a possession that solely pertains to the human species: that no matter how small of a fraction we ...

Understanding the Connection between Universal Law and Consciousness

This month we are going to follow up last month’s discussion about consciousness with a deeper look at spirituality and the universal laws that govern it. While there are more than a hundred different universal laws, for our purposes we will focus on those related to achieving our goals and directing our conscious and subconscious:

  • The Law of Consciousness
  • The Law of Attraction
  • And The Law of Allowing 

First in order to understand the connection between universal law and consciousness, you have to understand what universal law is. Remember when we talked about the “eternal now”? If you recall, it is defined as the moment that we are living right now irrespective of the time on your watch.

Universal law is rooted in the same space where time and order are governed cosmically. It is the underlying spiritual or invisible system governing natural law.

We base man-made concepts of time on the rising and setting of the sun. In the universe there are millions of suns rising and setting at different times.

The universe is constant. There is no noon or evening or morning in the universe. The laws that are derived from this constancy are collectively known as universal law.

On the other hand, we define consciousness as our perception of the world based on our own unique experiences. “It is the experience of tasting food or feeling an emotion.” Universal law is overarching and cosmic. Consciousness is internal and specific.

So how is universal law related to consciousness? The connection between the two is your level of awareness. When you do things and you don’t understand why, you might say, “I must have been thinking it or doing it subconsciously…” meaning you were unaware of the reason why.

When you were learning right from wrong your parent may have told you to be conscious of the way that you treat people. That is, be aware of how you behave or interact with other people.

Lastly, consider spiritualists like the Dali Lama. These people have achieved a level of awareness that allows them to experience peace on a level that most people do not. They consciously govern themselves according to the highest principles with love, eschewing hate, anger, envy, jealousy, etc.

These three states of awareness are represented in universal law as well; subconscious, conscious, and super conscious. In astrology, they are assigned planets with certain characteristics:

  • Subconscious is represented by the moon. It is related to our emotions and internal feelings that we are not consciously aware of. 
  • Conscious is represented by the planet Mercury. It is related to our natural minds, how we think and is constrained by the limits of our own mental capacities. In psychology, this would be called your ego. 
  • Super-conscious is higher order spirituality. It is the limitless part of our consciousness where wisdom comes from. It is where the drive to seek universal truths and knowledge is derived. 

All three states are part of the universal now. They are all internal and can all be used to direct our lives. When you are aware of the universal laws that govern these aspects of your being, you are better able to determine which of your behaviors are conscious or subconscious, and to strive to attain super consciousness.

Maya GraceUnderstanding the Connection between Universal Law and Consciousness