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Synchronicity: Signs or Just Weird?

Buckle your seat belts! This month we are going to delve into a truly fascinating topic that you may have never really thought too deeply about. I’m talking about synchronicity: happenstance, coincidence, eerie premonitions, and uncanny intuition.

Is it a part of our psyche or is it random external occurrences? Could there be ordered occurrences created by design by some higher power? And if so, can we tap into that part of our consciousness and use it to our benefit?

Synchronicity: Seemingly Logically Impossible

First, by definition, synchronicity (also known as synchrony) is when something happens that appears to be cause and effect but logically seems impossible. For example, the name of someone you knew decades ago but you haven’t seen in about as long pops into your head.

That same day, that person calls you out of the blue. Did you conjure them up with that random thought? Was it just coincidence? If so, that’s a pretty amazing coincidence! So do those incredible synchronicities that happen over the course of your life mean anything and are they by design?

Synchronicity: Quirky Little Happenings or Supernatural Phenomena?

If you believe that what we perceive as reality is just the physical manifestation of what is real spiritually then you probably believe that synchronicity is a supernatural phenomenon; ordered by design by a higher power.

If on the other hand you do not believe in a higher power, when something synchronistic happens to you, you likely brush it off as a quirky little happening; only good for an interesting conversation piece.

In science, synchronicity lies in the metaphysical realm; it doesn’t work on a physical plain though it is observed in reality. In other words, it may have been a feeling (intuition) that causes you to change a flight that you find out later crashed or you took the wrong road only to find out that the road you should have been on was washed out.

Your feeling or intuition cannot be explained by physics. How could your brain have known that there was danger ahead and sent a conscious signal telling you to go a different way? But the evidence that your intuition was right is apparent in reality; the plane you would have been on crashed; the road you were supposed to be on was washed out.

Conscious Awareness may Attract Synchronicity

Perhaps these things happen more often than you realize. When you live your life day-to-day detached from your spiritual and subconscious being, you will miss a lot of things in life, including synchronicity.

For the rest of the month, we will explore whether or not there is a way to attract wonderful synchronicities into your life through your subconscious and conscious mind. Then we will learn about discerning what is a sign or an omen and how to “listen” to your inner voice.

Finally we will discuss all the ways that synchronicity is revealed in your life. Whether through a dream, déjà vu, or a premonition; there is something fascinating and oftentimes life altering, contained within each synchronistic moment in your life.

Maya GraceSynchronicity: Signs or Just Weird?