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Can You Attract Synchronicities?

Now that you have an idea of how to discern synchronicities from flukes, can you attract amazing synchronicities? The answer is no, you can’t attract synchronicity. That is the distinguishing character between it and chance; synchronicity happens without logical explanation and beyond your control.

But what you can do is be aware of it so that you can recognize it when it does happen. In order to do that, you have to be aware of the different types of synchronicities and how they are revealed in your life.

Synchronic Events: Premonitions, Dreams, Visions, and Gut Feelings

With all synchronic events, what happens internally manifests itself externally. If you have a dream, a premonition or a gut feeling that is a genuine synchronicity, those things will be confirmed in the tangible world. The common thread for each is the internal component; the “inner knowing.”


You are sitting at home watching TV and suddenly, you see police sirens in your mind and your son pulled over on the side of the road. Hours later, you receive a phone call from the police station. Your son was pulled over and arrested for DUI.

What you experienced was a premonition. It was a vision into something that was about to happen that you received in a waking state. The phone call from the station confirms your premonition was real.


You have a dream about a place you have never seen before but it feels like you have. Months later you get a job promotion and are relocated to a new place. One day driving down the street you recognize your surroundings from that dream.

When synchrony comes in the form of a dream, your confirmation may come days, weeks, months, or even years after your dream. But when the synchronic moment occurs, that dream will be brought back to your mind confirming that you saw that place before in a dream.


Visions are more often attributed to religious people and people of faith. In actuality, anyone can have a vision. It is like a waking dream. Your inner voice begins speaking to you and explaining maybe the clouds that you are looking at with knowledge and wisdom that you do not have; knowing without knowing how or why.

Gut Feelings

You are planning a trip. All of the sudden, you get a feeling in your gut like butterflies; sometimes it feels like your heart in the pit of your stomach. Somehow you know that those feelings mean that you shouldn’t take that trip.

Like visions, gut feelings or intuition give you a sense of knowing without knowing how or why. So you cancel your trip. With gut feelings, you may never know if that was a true synchrony. You may have taken the trip and everything would have been fine. Or your gut may have saved you from something terrible.

Expect Positive Synchronicities

If you are looking for something bad to happen, you will notice a bunch of bad synchronic events. Now you begin to think that you are just unlucky, a jinx. You’re mentally calling it into existence.

However, if you expect positive synchronicity to come your way, that is what you will observe more often than not. Through the law of attraction, you can influence the type of synchronicity that you observe in your life.

Recognizing Synchronicities

True synchronicity happens internally. The fuller your internal life, the more deeply you will be able to feel and react to synchronicity. Your inner life, your ability to tap into your subconscious and direct your conscious, will heighten your ability to recognize synchronicity in your life.

Maya GraceCan You Attract Synchronicities?
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Synchronicity: Signs or Just Weird?

Buckle your seat belts! This month we are going to delve into a truly fascinating topic that you may have never really thought too deeply about. I’m talking about synchronicity: happenstance, coincidence, eerie premonitions, and uncanny intuition.

Is it a part of our psyche or is it random external occurrences? Could there be ordered occurrences created by design by some higher power? And if so, can we tap into that part of our consciousness and use it to our benefit?

Synchronicity: Seemingly Logically Impossible

First, by definition, synchronicity (also known as synchrony) is when something happens that appears to be cause and effect but logically seems impossible. For example, the name of someone you knew decades ago but you haven’t seen in about as long pops into your head.

That same day, that person calls you out of the blue. Did you conjure them up with that random thought? Was it just coincidence? If so, that’s a pretty amazing coincidence! So do those incredible synchronicities that happen over the course of your life mean anything and are they by design?

Synchronicity: Quirky Little Happenings or Supernatural Phenomena?

If you believe that what we perceive as reality is just the physical manifestation of what is real spiritually then you probably believe that synchronicity is a supernatural phenomenon; ordered by design by a higher power.

If on the other hand you do not believe in a higher power, when something synchronistic happens to you, you likely brush it off as a quirky little happening; only good for an interesting conversation piece.

In science, synchronicity lies in the metaphysical realm; it doesn’t work on a physical plain though it is observed in reality. In other words, it may have been a feeling (intuition) that causes you to change a flight that you find out later crashed or you took the wrong road only to find out that the road you should have been on was washed out.

Your feeling or intuition cannot be explained by physics. How could your brain have known that there was danger ahead and sent a conscious signal telling you to go a different way? But the evidence that your intuition was right is apparent in reality; the plane you would have been on crashed; the road you were supposed to be on was washed out.

Conscious Awareness may Attract Synchronicity

Perhaps these things happen more often than you realize. When you live your life day-to-day detached from your spiritual and subconscious being, you will miss a lot of things in life, including synchronicity.

For the rest of the month, we will explore whether or not there is a way to attract wonderful synchronicities into your life through your subconscious and conscious mind. Then we will learn about discerning what is a sign or an omen and how to “listen” to your inner voice.

Finally we will discuss all the ways that synchronicity is revealed in your life. Whether through a dream, déjà vu, or a premonition; there is something fascinating and oftentimes life altering, contained within each synchronistic moment in your life.

Maya GraceSynchronicity: Signs or Just Weird?
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Learn to Let Go

Finally as we explore the aftermath of an upheaval in your life, before you can move on, you have to learn to let go. It is a fact that negative emotions are the root cause of most of life’s difficulties. It keeps you from being able to turn something negative into a positive.

Letting Go of Depression 

As a certified hypnotherapist and motivational speaker, you may think that I would not succumb to things like depression. Truly every day I work to make sure that I apply all of these principles that we have discussed here on this blog to my own life.

Most days, even when I am stressed out or dealing with personal troubles, I am still able to access the peace of mind and calm inside of me. But when you lose things that are or were dear to you, whether it is a spouse, a friendship, pictures, your home, it is very easy to slip into a depression.

When I saw the devastation the fire left behind, I was angry at me, angry at the situation, just angry. Then when I began to tally up all that was lost, I became very depressed.

Believe me, I know that letting go is very hard to do. Anyone who has ever experienced a catastrophic fire knows how depressing going through the rubble can be and finding most of your life in a pile of ashes. I lost everything but some clothes and pictures. But is that really everything?

Let Go and Move On

Sure I had lost a lot of things, but that’s just it isn’t it? I lost things. What makes letting go hard to do is that it is easy to forget that things, even irreplaceable things are not everything. Putting your values in perspective is a necessity in order to move on.

So you begin to tally what you still have instead of focusing on what was lost. What I found when I began adding up what was of true value to me is that I was in the exact same place as I was before, with all of the strength, determination, passion, and love that existed before the fire.

Finding the Strength to Rebuild

That is when I knew that I had to let go and stop looking back. I had all of the emotional and spiritual tools and materials I needed to rebuild. I told myself, ‘Look, I came to this country with nothing but one piece of luggage and a couple hundred bucks in my pocket but that wasn’t all that I had. I also had a colossal desire to reach my potential.’

And the fact of the matter is I’m not finished reaching that potential. I turned to my true passion and renewed that fire for my work in public speaking. Getting back into my work helped me to push myself, to challenge myself, to reach out to the masses, and to learn from them.

True, I lost a lot of things in the fire, but things aren’t everything. As it has done in the past, my passion for life and my life’s passion have given me the strength and courage I need to let go and move on. Remember, one thing that we do know is that you can never turn a negative into a positive with negative backward thinking. Look forward and you will find the power to let go of the past.

Maya GraceLearn to Let Go
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Transform Chaos into Creativity

“Resilience is a capacity as old as our origins otherwise we wouldn’t be here” – Margaret Weathley and Debora Frieze

I found this quote helpful before when I talked about developing resilience in times of crisis. It’s fitting in this context too when discussing chaos because often when a crisis occurs, chaos is implied. Just like a crisis can help you to develop resilience, you can turn chaos into creativity.

Chaos and Crises are Not the Same

Though they are similar and often go together, chaos and crises are two different things. Chaos can happen even when things are going right. You get a new job with the salary you wanted in a new location that you dreamed of and a brand new house to boot. Now you have less than a month to get there. That can be chaotic even though it is all good stuff.

The difference is that while crises can teach you resilience, chaos requires creative solutions and that excitement can be just the spark you need to transform that chaos into something creative.

Using Chaos to Put Your Life Back Together

Remember last year when we delved into the Universal Laws? There is a universal law in particular that when accepted, can help you to use chaos to put your life together. The Law of Creation says that an invisible thing is not created, only manifested or made visible. Your life in the midst of chaos is something that was fragmented from its previous form.

Within that chaos there is a new form that exists and can be manifested based on the Law of Creation. In other words, in the scenario above, your new life in your new place exists and in order. You only have to manifest it by using what is there to make a new or different form of your life.

Visualize the End of the Tunnel 

By understanding that chaos can be an opportunity if used correctly to envision the light at the end of the tunnel and to make it happen, then you begin to see chaos in a more positive light. When you think about it, like creation, chaos can be freeing.

I think about how over the last year, I have literally had to pick up the pieces of 45 years of my life bit by bit after the fire. Most of those things that I treasured could not be salvaged. There were many precious things that I can never replace that were lost in the fire.

If I only focused on the negative, what I lost, I would still be stuck in a rut feeling sorry for myself. Instead I realized that I have an opportunity to start again…again! Plus, I found many of my most valued possessions in tact which filled me with hope and encouraged me to keep going.

Now I am working to manifest, or make visible, my new life, my new memories, the many new creations that will come from this chaos. One thing I know that will not transform chaos into something positive is being so busy looking back at what was that you can’t look forward to what can be.

Maya GraceTransform Chaos into Creativity
Finding yourself, creating yourself | Mental Healthy

Creating Yourself

“The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself.” – Deepak Chopra

There are people who create for themselves a complete persona; an alternate version of themselves that is reserved for a particular audience. Their true selves however may be the complete opposite of their personas. Sometimes it’s necessary for public figures – think of celebrities who work to keep their private lives private – but who are you really?

More to the point, who do you really want to be? When you are born, your parents are responsible for molding you and shaping you. At some point you take over the chore of molding yourself into whom you want to be but many people do not look at it that way.

Creating Yourself – Not Your Persona

The act of creating yourself is different than creating your persona. Creating yourself involves getting rid of the things that do not reflect the person you want to be and adding the traits that do. For instance, if you find that you are the type that gets excited about something but then loses steam quickly, you lack the self-motivation that you need to succeed.

If you are someone with a negative attitude that keeps you from even trying to change, you will not succeed in creating the best version of yourself.  Therefore, in order to create your ideal self by weeding out the bad and adding the good, you have to first recognize what needs to be improved.

Adjusting Your Mindset – the Key to Creating Yourself 

Your outlook on life or your mindset will determine whether or not you are working toward creating your ideal self. A pessimistic mindset lacks faith, determination, hope, optimism, and courage to make changes.

Creating yourself requires you to change your mindset. Even if you consider yourself to be a positive person, it could be other traits that are holding you back. It could be your lack of motivation or maybe your lack of self-confidence that is keeping you from making changes.

Once you have determined what you want to improve, adjust your mindset to fit in line with your new self. If you want to be a more generous person, you have to retrain your mind to welcome opportunities to give instead of always thinking of self first.

Overcoming Fear – the Enemy of Creation

Creation implies freedom and newness. The act of creating something requires a new path, a change, which can only be achieved by breaking restrictive mental shackles. In other words, in order to create something new, you have to throw caution to the wind to some extent.

Throwing caution to the wind is the thing that hinders too many people from taking chances. It is fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of change which keeps you bound in a mental state that you truly want to change.

How do you overcome that fear? By giving these three elements more weight than your fears:

Determination – When you are determined to change, you are not going to quit when the going gets rough. You will fight for the life you want in order to live your greatness.

Desire – No matter your age, no matter your status in life, when you have a strong desire to change, nothing will keep you from doing it. You will strive for it even when it is hard to do.

Freedom – Living life as your ideal self is freeing. Your desire to be mentally free to love yourself and to not let negative people bring you down, whatever struggle it takes to change, will be worth the effort to you.

Maya GraceCreating Yourself
#SAbeginnings: From Undergrad to #SAPro and the Imposter Syndrome


When you are recognized and praised for something that you love doing, it is easy to give in to the feeling of being an imposter, a fraud. I know through experience. My first career began before I was even legally an adult. I was a singer and apparently very good at it. All I knew is that I loved to do it and loved that people liked what I did.

When I was a business owner, I had never gone to business school. I was no real estate guru but somehow managed to build a small real estate empire with my ex-husband. While I lived the lush life, I did marvel at how I did it and dreaded the day when my carriage would turn into a pumpkin.

A Motivational Imposter

Fast forward to my current career as a motivational speaker.  Here I am earning a living teaching people how to follow their dreams and find the motivation to keep moving forward while my life is falling apart. Sure, I felt like a motivational imposter.

Those self-doubts served only to deepen my own internal crisis. I remember back in 2007 when my real estate business failed and my husband and I divorced, my world was crumbling but somehow I managed to move beyond that point. And voila, I had my “aha moment.” It was then that I stopped doubting myself and began to rebuild my confidence in my work.

It is What Keeps Me Going

It is helping others through my trials that keeps me going. I learned through all of my moments of crisis and change that the worst thing that I can do is wallow. The only thing to do when everything is going wrong is to act.

Throwing myself into delivering powerful presentations that inspire and connect with people’s hearts helps me take the focus off of my concerns and direct them more positively into helping others. I have come to accept that it is my gift and my calling. I should not feel ashamed to share my wisdom as I continue to go through ups and downs.

It is What Keeps Me Connected 

As I listen to the sometimes heartbreaking and oftentimes triumphant stories of the people who attend my speeches and seminars, I realize that my work does make a difference. Only an imposter would pretend that their life is always blue skies and sunshine when it isn’t.

I am not afraid to share my trials with my audience. It is what keeps me connected to them and makes my work effective. And if there is anything that I have learned over my lifetime it is that negativity and fear will never help you to succeed. Instead I choose to live my life with an open mind and even when I get knocked down, it is never for long. I know that I have the power to get back up because I have done it before.

Have you been doubting yourself? Could it be that you too need an “aha moment” where you remember why it is that you chose the path that you have? Examine your attitude and your perspective and change it for the positive. Use these feelings for what they are intended; to help you to build greater sensitivity and understanding of others.

Maya GraceImposter
Telling My Story

Telling My Story Awoken Me – Part 3 of 3

“If you believe that all things happen for a reason, then that applies to trials and tribulations as well. Those things happen for a reason too. Just as iron sharpens iron, it is the pressure from adversity that can shape us and make us stronger.” – Maya Grace

Rejoining the Toastmasters and participating in that contest with only 4 days to prepare was more than nerve wracking. At the same time it was invigorating. I suddenly came to realize just how long it had been since I was really excited and passionate about something. Those nerves made me feel truly alive for the first time in a long time.

Preparing to Give My Story

I didn’t have much time so right away I started to write my story. I tried to be as emotionally open as I could be as I recounted the trauma I experienced the night of the fire. Then I wanted to show how easy it is to let yourself fall into a depressive spiral if you are not careful.

Standing in front of a mirror I practiced for hours every day, retraining myself to give the type of speech that won me the Toastmaster’s in 2011 when I first started out. Four days went by faster than any four days ever had when Feb. 14, 2016 came and it was time to give my speech.

The Day of the Event

With only four days, I felt more prepared than I would have expected to feel. That evening as I drove to the venue, I rehearsed a few more times. I knew my story inside and out of course, but now I knew my speech inside and out too and I felt good about it.

When I got to the venue, I sized up the competition. I was one of six total speakers. I wanted to go last, that way I could learn from the other speakers’ mistakes and correct mine if I had any. We each had to find our assigned speaking order from the piece of paper on the table and sure enough, I was number 6.

Visualizing Success

When it was my turn, I walked up to the dais with confidence feeling totally prepared on all levels. I took a deep breath and delivered my very emotional and dramatic speech. I didn’t miss a beat. The speech flowed out of me with such I ease I knew I had won.

I don’t say that to sound cocky, no. While I was speaking, I kept seeing pictures in my mind of being named the winner. Meanwhile I was watching the audience, so attentive and breathlessly waiting to hear how my story ended. They were on the edge of their seats as they listened to my harrowing ordeal and how I escaped to safety.

When my speech was finished, the auditorium roared with applause. Over the ten minute break that followed, many people approached me to congratulate me on my speech, for being brave, for deciding to live in the same house which was once engulfed in flames.

At last, the winner was announced and it was me, just as I had visualized. I feel rejuvenated. I feel ready to take on the world and pick up where I left off!

Building My Life Where I Left Off

Valentine’s Day was such a thrill. I felt just like I did when I won for the first time in 2011. But this is just the beginning. I am building my life where I left off. I feel stronger than ever. I’ve already entered the district competition scheduled for later this month on the 27th.

If I win that one and then the division, I go all the way to D.C. for the World Champion Toastmasters Contest! Of all of the things I learned in the fire, I learned that the fire couldn’t take something that is intangible unless I let it – my passion for living.

For me it had the opposite effect. I am now more passionate than ever and determined to get back on track and begin building my life again right where I left off.

Maya GraceTelling My Story Awoken Me – Part 3 of 3

When a Wise Word Can Make the Difference – Part 2 of 3

I have had many things in the past and lost them a couple of times in my life, and every time I have been able to get back up, dust myself off, and start again. My mindset comes from knowing that I have that strength within me because I have done it before.” – Maya Grace 

Even after I was back in my house and things were getting back to normal, I realized that I was still feeling withdrawn and depressed. The thing about when you are down, people around you start to notice. If you are blessed like I am, you have at least a few people around you who actually care why you are down.

Wise Words Made the Difference

It had been almost two weeks since my home construction fiasco was resolved. I began to think about getting back into my blogging and to continue writing my book. Yet no matter what I did, I still felt beaten down. Then wise words from a dear friend and colleague made all the difference.

She called me at the beginning of February to ask me if I would rejoin the Toastmasters. If you are unfamiliar, the Toastmasters is an International non-profit organization that helps public speakers hone their craft and compete with other public speakers.

We spoke for a long time. She reminded me about how passionate I am about public speaking. In short, she told me that I had too much to give to waste my talent. It took a little bit of convincing, not because I doubted what she was saying but now I was feeling the same kind of fear that I felt when I first became a Toastmaster!

Passion Breathed Life Back into Me

The more I thought about it, the more nervous I got. I hadn’t given a public speech in many months. Suddenly I felt out of practice and very insecure about my ability to even compete in a Toastmasters contest at this point.

Then I remembered why I became a motivational speaker. It was because I knew that through all of my failures and triumphs I had acquired wisdom that could help others. It was that passion that breathed life back in to me. Before I knew it, I had reinstated my membership and signed up to participate in the Valentine’s Day Toastmasters contest.

Making a Difference by Telling My Story 

Once I made up my mind that I was going to do it, I had to decide what to talk about. Should I go back to some of my tried and true speeches? Should I try to come up with something new to talk about? Just as panic started to set in, a quiet voice in my head said, “Tell your story.”

All of my reticence disappeared. I knew now what I was going to talk about. What better speech to give then how I escaped from the fire? This story would help me to deal with my own ordeal while helping others. Perhaps this is exactly why I was meant to go through all of this; to share with others the wisdom that I learned in the fire.

Maya GraceWhen a Wise Word Can Make the Difference – Part 2 of 3
Wisdome of Turning 'Sexty'-Five

Celebrating ‘Sexty’-Five!

“Instead of ruing the things that I’ve lost, I am focused on the things that I have that cannot be taken away.” – Maya Grace

Last year around my birthday, I asked you, “Is there ever a time that you are too old to feel alive?” Of course, the answer is never. As long as you are still breathing there is still life to be had and as long as you’re living, why wouldn’t you want to feel alive? ‘

Staying Alive at 65!

It’s not easy to hit the big 6-0. Reaching sixty makes turning forty a piece of cake. Well this week I turn 65 or as I like to say it ‘sexty-five.’ I call it ‘sexty’-five, not for any sexual reason necessarily, but because I believe that I am just now getting to the really good stuff.

There are some big benefits to getting to be this age. You’ve been there and done a lot. You learn finally that you don’t have to please other people. Notice how older people say just what they mean usually? We don’t have time to mince words. There’s some real freedom that comes from being able to say and do whatever you want without worrying about what other people think.

Relish in the Freedom

Again, you can have that kind of freedom at any age. That’s one of the pearls of wisdom that I have gathered along the way and if you pay attention to that you will live a much more exciting life. More importantly for those turning sexty-five like me, life is far from over. This is just the beginning.

My trials over the last year have served to show me that no matter what comes my way, I will make it. I choose to let these things make me stronger and not to wallow through them any longer. When difficulties come, I have learned over my 65 years that it is what you learn from them that matters the most.

Share Your Wisdom

But what good is all of that wisdom if you don’t share it? That is where my life’s work begins; sharing my wisdom. When you’re young, people expect you to have big dreams and to plan for your future. For some reason, when you reach my age, people ask you basically how you are going to wrap your life up!

I firmly believe your life gets wrapped up for you. Until that day you have more time to shine. You can reinvent or recreate yourself at any age. Look at me, I changed my name, my country, and at age 60 my career.

Keep On Dreaming

I went back to school. I am a certified hypnotherapist and an award winning motivational speaker. If I gave in to the kind of thinking that says that when you are over 60 you are old and ready to take it easy, that fire could have ruined me.

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned in life in general is to never stop dreaming no matter what age you are. I could have given in to depression but I have a goal that I am working toward. When I got off track it took a good friend to snap me out of it. Now I am off to continue my journey with an open heart, ready for the next adventure!

Maya GraceCelebrating ‘Sexty’-Five!
Entrepreneurs With High Determination Don't Give Up

What I Learned in the Fire – Part 1 of 3

“It is all that I have been through that has given me my strength.” – Maya Grace 

It’s been a couple of months since my last post and there is a reason for it. In case you forgot, let me catch you up to speed. Last April my kitchen caught on fire. At first I did my best to put it out. As the flames engulfed my kitchen I realized I would die if I didn’t just get out.

Alas, my kitchen was destroyed and my home has been uninhabitable since that time. Luckily I had renter’s insurance so the damage was covered. On the downside, what you didn’t realize is that most of last year I was working out of a hotel room.

To Count My Blessings

I have to pause to give thanks to God. I realize that despite the calamity that befell my home, I did have insurance and a place to go. I think of how many people face a tragedy like the one I experienced and end up on the streets. So while it was stressful, tiring, uncomfortable, and at times unbearable, I did my best to handle the situation.

For months I battled with lawyers and property assessors, the insurance company, etc. Finally I was told my home was ready just before Christmas. I thought regardless of how trying the previous year had been, this was at last the good news that I had been waiting for – I could go home!

To Face Adversity with Confidence and Determination

A few weeks after the fire, I began my series of posts about dealing with adversity. What I knew before but had to learn again was to face this adversity with confidence and determination. I knew that these were the keys to finding the strength to deal with adversity but I too can sometimes succumb to the pressures of life.

In late September I checked out of the hotel and walked into my home again for the first time in nearly six months only to find that there were several problems with the work. Immediately I pointed it out to the contractors that had already been paid by my insurance company for the repairs, only to hear excuses that made no sense.

So I hired an attorney. This time I was able to stay in my home, but while the construction happened all around me. It took over three months to force the contractors to remedy the problems with their work. After three weeks of living with the incessant hammering, drilling, pounding, and scraping that you would expect from home remodeling, I am finally home.

To Remember that This Too Shall Pass

Compared to some of the other hardships I have endured in my life, this is by no means at the top of the list. That doesn’t matter. Sometimes it only takes a small set back to throw us completely off course. It is in those times that I have learned to remember that this too shall pass.

I have experienced all of the ups and downs. I went from angry, to depressed, to feeling helpless over the course of the last year. It got so bad that I even found myself withdrawing from the world around me.

What got me out of my stupor, as you will see in part two of this month’s blog post series about the things I learned in the fire, was the passion that continues to burn in me and a well timed word of encouragement when I needed it the most.

Maya GraceWhat I Learned in the Fire – Part 1 of 3