Life Coach

Life Coach determines and assists you in attaining your goals in life on personal development.Change is very scary thing for most of us.Unknown that we are facing is very scary especially if we are in a negative frame of mind.Although it is detrimental, it is easy to stay that way because that is all we know.
If you want to work with Life Coach,you must already have these three things: Intent,Desire,and Commitment!
Coaching is not Therapy.Traditional Therapy deals with unresolved issues in our life.Coaching deals with where we are now,and where do we want to be.
We start looking at our Self Esteem,the place where we see our selves.
I call it Mental Clansing by removing all that is negative and replacing it
only with positive.Your Life Coach doesn’t judge you,but guides you by holding you accountable,motivating and inspiring you to create the life that you desire.
I offer coaching sessions in person or on the telephone!

Maya GraceLife Coach

Maya Grace speaks…

I created this blog to invite, engage, motivate and inspire everyone to face up and accept their personal challenges, and create a change so that everyone can live his or her life with balance, happiness and success. I am very passionate about the work of Motivational Hypnotherapy. You will notice that I deliver my messages in an emotional and motivating way. Through my successful singing career I learned to recognize what an audience wants- emotional inspiration and entertainment. My wish is to ignite my audience’s potential by constantly inspiring and motivating through my own life stories no matter how painful it will be to write about them here. I understand that people appreciate engaging content- that inspirers one to take action on their insights. Being a successful business woman I practice these messages as they are coming directly from my own life experiences. My wish is that after each message posted on this blog, my audience is emotionally touched, motivated and empowered to take action towards a more fulfilling life. I am a manifestation of Human Development, Spiritual, Mystical studies and practices for the past 25 years. I’m a spiritual being who desires to express her own creativity, love and compassion for the world that is in an evolutionary crisis.

Maya GraceMaya Grace speaks…