Being in the Mind, Part 1


Have you ever wondered why and how artists get their inspiration to create masterpieces?  It’s because, even in this fast paced world where our minds are occupied most hours of the day with hundreds of minuscule thoughts, they have managed to find quiet time in their minds to really think and be, and so can you.

There are five basic brain waves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma.  Each of these brain waves function at different speeds and control different parts of your brain.  For this discussion, we will focus on theta waves.

Theta waves have the second lowest frequency speed of the five basic brain waves.  They are associated with enhanced states of creativity, super-learning, deeper relaxation, daydreaming, and sleep dream activity.  Theta brain waves are also conduits of another facet of the brain; the hypnopompic state.

While you may have never heard of the hynopompic state, you have experienced it before.  In fact, you experience it every morning when you wake up.  It is the state that your mind is in when you first wake up and you are neither here nor there, kind of half asleep and half awake.  That state of mind is part of the slow frequency theta brain waves.

You typically don’t remain in that state very long.  Naturally, when you first wake up, you are trying to get out of that state quickly so that you can wake up and start your day, rushing to get ready for work probably.  But, if you allowed yourself to patiently and naturally awaken from the hypnopompic state, you could tap into ideas, resolutions, creativity and some valuable insights that occur to you when you’re asleep dreaming that you otherwise would not remember.

In this article, my goal is to help you to begin to understand that by utilizing relaxation techniques that involve accessing and directing your Theta brain waves, you can experience profound shifts in your thinking and creativity that can change your thoughts, your energy level…your life.  By tapping into your Theta brain waves, you can achieve your true potential and be transformed so powerfully that you instantly feel the change.

Architects, Musicians, Designers, Painters, Inventors, they all have more Theta brain waves than the average person, just by the nature of their work since these brain waves are felt when in a highly creative state; writing a story, painting a picture, designing a building.

If you train with Theta brain wave relaxation techniques, you can connect with your subconscious mind, to reprogram it with ideas and direction to make changes in your life and within yourself.  Reaching down into your Theta brain waves allows you to re-wire your mind, release negative programming, and unlock your inner power.

Your mind is constantly working and thinking on many levels at all times.  It only rests when you sleep and even then, your mind is occupied on a subconscious level.  But if you can learn how to consciously and subconsciously quiet your thoughts until you are in a totally quiet place, you can tap into your mind in ways that can bring positive changes in your life and direct your life toward achieving your hopes and dreams.

There is a reason why millions of people in every culture and in every part of the globe practice some form of meditation.  Prayer is a form of meditation.  It involves making requests, speaking to a higher power, but the principles of clearing your mind of thoughts and just being are basic principles of meditation and supplication.

After you read this, I want you to try this step by step.  I want you to try to find that quiet time to give your mind a rest.  Let it take some time to recharge and reboot.  Schedule time to try this at a time when you know that you will have an hour or more alone.  Make sure it is a time where you won’t need to rush.  Try to do this in a place and at a time where and when you won’t be interrupted; most importantly, find a quiet place where you can be alone.

That may mean sitting in your car, or in the bathroom, but get to a quiet place.  Remove all of the distractions that you can.  The better you get at meditation, the more distractions you are able to remove.  But right now, I just want you to focus on removing distractions.

Distractions are internal and external.  First quiet your internal distractions.  Your internal distractions are thoughts of any kind.  If there is a noise outside your door that is distracting you, remove it.  If you can stop it, stop it.  Turn off TVs and radios.  Turn off fans and lights if you have to.  Get very quiet and alone.

If you are able to quiet your internal distractions, then your external distractions will fall away.  But getting to your internal thoughts is where you begin being in the mind and being in the moment.

Sit in your closet, in your bedroom, in your car and get very quiet.  Remove all distractions from your thoughts, and then remove your thoughts.  If you begin to think of things you have to do, places you have to be, you are not in the right frame of mind yet.  You are still distracting yourself and pulling yourself away from your quiet place.  Stay in the moment and ignore all sounds, internal and external.  Don’t think a thought.  Just sit.

Make yourself comfortable; lie down if you have to.  Now feel your limbs through your mind.  Think about how you feel in your body.  Feel yourself inside your mind…feel the tips of your toes, feel the inside of your hands, your chest, and relax.  Listen inside.  Your thoughts are gone, now just listen.  And breathe.

Sit calmly.  Don’t think a thought; just listen inside…feel yourself.  Breathe.

You should feel relaxed, rested like you are just waking up out of a deep sleep.  This is where I can begin to teach you theta brain relaxation techniques that you can use to make quantum leaps to the place that you desire to be.  You can actually see the future that you desire and the change that you want to make and experience them today.

Maya GraceBeing in the Mind, Part 1