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Learn to Manifest Your Desires through the Universal Law of Creation

For the month of September, I want to zero in on four specific universal laws that will help you develop your consciousness. Beginning with the Laws of Creation we will delve into major and minor universal laws and examine how you can direct your life according to their principles.

Major Universal Laws

The universal law of creation encompasses the three major universal laws: the law of love, the law of manifestation, and the law of polarity. These three universal laws are unchanging. All other laws are subsets of these overarching universal laws.

As we have been discussing over the last two months, the universal laws are the invisible system operating behind all that we see. In the same way that our universe works according to order so do the universal laws or spiritual laws.

Developing or awakening our consciousness begins with understanding how these laws work together internally and externally. It requires us to receive this understanding with an open mind free of the restraints of our ego.

Understanding the Law of Creation 

The law of creation is what is known as a superior law. It works in tangent with the minor laws of comprehension. These laws in a tangible sense are apparent when a child is born or a seed spore bursts from its casing. In the universal sense, it is our imagination.

When a writer scribes a poem, those words in their specific context, arranged in an original way, is one example of the law of creation. The thought may have existed a thousand times and in thousands of minds, but the unique way that it was penned is a new creation.

Other ways you can understand the law of creation in the universal sense is when you envision your goals. The manifestation of those goals comes into being only after you have manifested the vision in your mind. 

Using your understanding of the law of creation is deeply rooted in your ability to use the visualization techniques that we have discussed. When you picture your future or achieving your goals, you are accessing the universal law of creation. 

The Three Major Universal Laws 

Let’s take a look at the three universal laws that make up the law of creation. As you think about these three laws, consider how they work within your life. How are you utilizing these universal laws? Where have you seen an example of these laws play out? 

The Universal Law of Love: The universal law of love is both positive and negative; it infuses all order and the perfect balance between nature and the spirit. Internally it is the feeling of freedom experienced when head over heels in love. It is unconditional and undying. 

The Universal Law of Manifestation: The universal law of manifestation uses the energy contained within abstract nature and physical nature. Like the physical law of matter which states that matter can neither be created nor destroyed, that which is invisible is not created only manifested or brought to life or made visible. 

The Universal Law of Polarity: The universal law of polarity exemplifies the yen and yang, push and pull of nature and super-nature. Physically it is the male and female conjoining which produces a child. In spirit, it is the wisdom and positive that comes from hardships and trials.



Maya GraceLearn to Manifest Your Desires through the Universal Law of Creation