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Finding Your Flow Day 11: Activating Love

Heart Chakra: Making Better Relations

Balancing your heart chakra alone won’t create better relationships but it will help you create better relations with everything around you from the earth you walk on to the people you love. It is in essence, love central for your chakras.

Color Association: Green

Physical Location: The spot between your breasts beneath your sternum. It is the 4th chakra and the place where your heart energy enters the body.

Your Love Center

The literal translation of the Sanskrit word Anahata which is the Hindu name of the heart chakra is “unstruck, unhurt, and unbeaten.” Your heart chakra isn’t just your love center. It is also your calm center, your peace-of-mind center.

Its color association green represents prosperity, good health, and overall good fortune. When reading your chakras it will tell you whether or not your chi is out of alignment.

All of your happiness, your altruistic love of mankind, the earth, and animals, is rooted in the heart chakra. In New Age concepts the heart chakra gets its name from our Western understanding of love, compassion, and kindness.

Although your heart chakra influences the way in which you perceive physical touching and the way that you express yourself to others through touch, this is a pure type of sensuality; think comforting someone with a hug or crying with your friend over their problems.

Corresponding Physical Functions: Skin, hands, lymph, and thymus glands.

Your Heart Chakra in Balance

People with heart chakras in balance are at their most beautiful because they are overflowing with a pure love towards others. You are more giving of yourself, are able to deeply empathize with others, and you do those things for no other reason than you truly care.

Your love is not only directed outwardly from the heart chakra. You are able to share yourself and your love with others because you are one with yourself and the love that you have for yourself radiates out beyond you. That is why a balanced heart chakra leads to better and more loving relations that are stronger and last longer.

An Imbalanced Heart Chakra

If you are experiencing an imbalance in your heart chakra you will have troubled relationships because you are living with anger or are always carrying suspicion of people’s motives whether warranted or not. You also will suffer from jealousy and a bitterness towards others for what they have. If your heart chakra is weak you may:

  • Feel Distant from Others
  • Become Needy in Relationships
  • Suffer from Loneliness
  • Be Riddled with Insecurities

If your heart chakra on the other hand is hyperactive, you’ll experience a different type of negativity. You may:

  • Become Easily Overwhelmed
  • Go through Deep Emotional Swings
  • Exhibit Fits of Jealousy and Anger
  • Or Live Recklessly

Whether your heart chakra is hyperactive or hypoactive it leads to the same physical problems. You may experience:

  • Trouble Sleeping
  • High Blood Pressure
  • A Weakened Immune System
  • Heart Trouble
  • Bad Circulation
  • And Skin Rashes or Infections

You may also feel lethargic and suffer from back pain that keeps you from being active. In order to balance your heart chakra, you have to attack it from two angles; first you need to open your heart chakra and then you can balance it.

Balancing Your Heart Chakra

Sometimes very generous people are giving for the wrong reasons – to ‘buy’ love, to make friends, to hold on to relationships. The first step to balancing your heart chakra is to begin with loving yourself.

If you give but feel resentment for it or think others don’t appreciate it which leads to anger, your heart chakra is out of balance. Bad self-esteem issues may require counseling. You can begin by keeping green stones that represent the heart chakra near you like:

  • Emeralds
  • Peridot
  • Jasper
  • Jade
  • Green Quartz

For meditation visualize in green. If you have a quiet grassy space in your backyard, sit among green grass to really get deep into a meditative state. Earth fragrances like cedar, pine, and eucalyptus are excellent fragrances to accompany meditation and yoga for heart chakra balancing. In your diet, add more green fruits and veggies. That could be a large variety of things from watermelons to cucumbers.

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