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Gain Greater Control Based on the Universal Law of Consciousness

We’ve talked many times before about the subconscious and how you can direct it through meditation. Now we will discuss the law of consciousness and how you can elevate your consciousness to gain greater control over your behaviors and emotions based on universal law.

In essence, the law of consciousness is the fundamental building block of enlightenment. Before you can discover deeper truths about yourself and the world around you, you must first be “awakened” or conscious of those things.

Just by being alive and awake you are superficially conscious of yourself and the world around you:

  • You look in the mirror and you see yourself. You are aware of your existence.
  • You speak and you are aware of your voice.
  • You walk outside and see the people, buildings, and are aware of nature all around you. 

The universal law of consciousness embodies every facet of “awakeness” from the superficial to the profound; all of these things work together to create your world, your perception, and your reality.

Profound Consciousness 

When you realize that as you are moving through the world on a superficial level that behind all of your actions there is a more profound level of consciousness you are at the threshold of enlightenment; a deep realization of consciousness.

Think of it this way. You know the saying, ‘Stop and smell the roses’? Take that to a deeper level. Stop and feel your soul. How do you do that? It’s internal. It is the sensation you feel when you get really good news before you smile. It is that pang in your chest when something bad happens.

Feeling your soul and your inner being reveals the inter-connectivity between what happens outside of you and how it affects you internally. It is the act of going beyond just being alert to your surroundings to acknowledging the living consciousness inside of you.

Elements of the Law of Consciousness 

Consciousness is the ability to be in touch with our emotions, to understand our behaviors, and to control our actions. Unlike our subconscious where we are not cognizant of the underlying truths influencing our behaviors, acting according to the law of consciousness means that you live life aware of your behaviors.

You gain greater control over your life by directing those behaviors in a more positive way. Here are a few elements of the law of consciousness to help you achieve greater control and a deeper understanding of self.

  • The Law of the Present Moment: Living in the moment, letting go of past hurts and anger and looking forward to the future with optimism knowing that now is the only time that is true in the universe. 
  • The Law of Spiritual Approach: Living life according to righteousness and goodness by emulating our personality and behaviors according to a higher power. 
  • The Law of Spiritual Awakening: Living life aware of your spirit and working to protect and grow your spiritual life according to higher principles of goodness and love. 
Maya GraceGain Greater Control Based on the Universal Law of Consciousness