Chakras 101: Location, Qualities, Development & Use If you have been to a yoga class or yoga themed workshop, you may have heard the teacher using the word 'Chakra'.

Exploring the Seven Chakras

You’ve heard the words before; chakras, chi, aligning your chi, but do you know what they really mean? This month, we are going to explore the seven chakras: what they are, what they do, and how you can use chakras to stimulate your physical and mental harmony.

What is a Chakra?

Literally translated, chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel or circle. But there are several ways that you can interpret the word circle or wheel as it relates to chakras. For instance, in ancient Indian cultures, chakras referred to the arrangement of people during rituals in a circle.

Buddhists who believe in reincarnation think of the circle as in the circle of life and the many ways in which we are reborn. Rooted in Indian and East Asian cultures, the concept of chakras only became popular in the West after ancient texts were translated into English.

At the beginning of the 20th Century, the new age concept of the seven main chakras came into being based on Western interpretations.

The New Age Concept of Chakras

According to the New Age concept of chakras, the wheel or circle refers to the energy vector or the point where spiritual or non-physical energy enters your body. Your physical and spiritual are connected through your chakras which are aligned from head to toe along your spinal cord.

Represented as colorful stones, flowers, or lotuses, new age practitioners often combine the concept of chakras and chi (your chakras in harmonious alignment) with other forms of meditation and holistic methods like yoga. There is a color associated with each different chakra and each chakra corresponds to some physical function in your body:

  1. Crown Chakra is purple
  2. Heart Chakra is Green
  3. Root Chakra is Red
  4. Sacral Chakra  is Orange
  5. Solar Plexus is Yellow
  6. Third Eye Chakra is Indigo
  7. And Throat Chakra is Blue

Invigorate Your Mind and Body with Chakras

For the next two months, we’ll delve deeply into all seven of the major chakras, their color associations, and the physical function that each corresponds to. As we explore this topic, you’ll notice how consciousness and subconscious are connected to chi alignment and how many of the other concepts we’ve explored reinforce this part of your inner being.

Like your subconscious and the universal laws, your chakras and their alignment will also manifest outwardly. When your chi is out of balance because one or more of your chakras are not functioning properly your physical and mental health suffers.

Too often, when you are feeling down and lack energy, the first thing you do is head for a pill or coffee. After these next two months, you will know enough about your chakras and how to align them that you can replace pills and coffee with better and healthier ways to seek physical, mental, and emotional balance.

Maya GraceExploring the Seven Chakras