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Discover your infinite potential to create a new perspective
and more successfully move through life’s challenges.

Maya Grace is a motivational hypnotherapist, NLP-certified coach, and professional speaker. She is also the director of “Become Your Dream,” a workshop she created after studying and practicing mystical teachings, techniques, and modalities of human development for more than 25 years.

In these tough economic times, people are angry, fearful, and quickly losing faith. Maya is teaching people how to restore faith, uncover the power to conquer challenges, and tap into the huge potential for new, creative entrepreneurship in today’s economy. In “Become Your Dream,” Maya Grace presents solutions to life issues and self-growth strategies through the lenses of self-help, wisdom, spirituality, and self-hypnosis. She helps participants learn to be in full control of who they want to become and view their lives with heightened perspective. Maya teaches them to unleash and reprogram the mind by accessing the hidden powers of their subconscious.

“‘Become Your Dream’ reveals the journey of the spirit and sheds new light on one of mankind’s greatest mysteries: the subconscious mind.”

By taking her audience through deep-trance meditations on visualizations and imaginings, participants:

 Gain detailed understanding of the roadblocks to positive growth.
 Understand how to acquire valuable, spiritual lessons from every experience and how thoughts attract these experiences.
 Learn visualization and self-hypnosis techniques to manifest new jobs, new relationships, and better health.
Discover unlimited potential.

Maya’s workshop helps audience members recognize inspiration-rather than desperation-is their purpose in life.

 “We all want to feel good and fulfilled, but we often choose to do what is expected of us or what we think we ought to do.”

Maya currently owns a hypnotherapy practice in Highland Park, Illinois and offers her services to select clients. Along with her practice and professional speaking, Maya recently accepted an Assistant Governor position offered to her by the Toastmasters Area Governor.

More About Maya Grace
Maya came to the United States from the former Yugoslavia in 1973 as an accomplished folk singer, receiving a Gold Record for her first recorded song, which she sang on a television series in her native country. That one song opened the door for travel all over Europe, Canada, and the United States. Through her singing, people all over the world connected to Maya and her mother country.

“When you do something you are passionate about, your work becomes your playground.”

After her successful singing career, Maya worked as a painting contractor and real estate investor. In 1984 she founded Interior Alterations Group, Inc., an industrial painting company. She was the only Eastern European woman presented with the Women Business Enterprise Certification and was awarded millions of dollars in contracts. Maya also spent 10 years working in real estate investments, management, and mortgage lending.

Maya’s charitable endeavors include:

Working with the Red Cross, FEMA, and the City of Chicago to provide housing for homeless people from disaster-torn areas.
Bringing Serbian students to the United States through au pair and work and travel programs.
Helping several multi-ethnic refugee families from the last war between the former parts of Yugoslavia come to the United States.

Besides her two daughters, Maya considers this work her ultimate success in life.

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