Image from: SOLAR CHAKRA - Colours and Sounds for the Third Chakra III - YouTube 
SOLAR CHAKRA - Colours and Sounds for the Third Chakra III

Solar Plexus Chakra: Energy for Success

If you’ve been following this blog looking for ways to help you reach your goals and still can’t find the drive you need for success, it could be that your solar plexus chakra is out of balance. If you’ve made your action plan, practiced meditating but still can’t find the spark you need, balancing your solar plexus chakra gives you …

Maya GraceSolar Plexus Chakra: Energy for Success
Image from: Self-love for your sacral chakra « Michelle Marie McGrath 
The chakras are energy centres that connect in with various organs, glands and systems in the body. As multi-dimensional beings, we have so many aspects ...

Sacral Chakra: Joy and Sexuality

Can you say that you truly love yourself? Do others think of you as a loving person? And what about being intimate with someone, does it always make you feel uncomfortable or are you able to let go and enjoy feelings of pleasure? The answers to these questions will tell you whether your sacral chakra is out of balance or …

Maya GraceSacral Chakra: Joy and Sexuality
Red Rose

Root Chakra: Access Natural Power

They say that fear is our most primal emotion. You know how the hair on your skin stands up when you slam on the brakes to avoid an accident? The energy contained within those heart racing moments that gives you that feeling of aliveness comes from your root chakra. Color Association: Red Physical Location: At the small of your back, …

Maya GraceRoot Chakra: Access Natural Power
Finding Your Flow Day 11: Activating Love | Complete Health Circle 
Finding Your Flow Day 11: Activating Love

Heart Chakra: Making Better Relations

Balancing your heart chakra alone won’t create better relationships but it will help you create better relations with everything around you from the earth you walk on to the people you love. It is in essence, love central for your chakras. Color Association: Green Physical Location: The spot between your breasts beneath your sternum. It is the 4th chakra and …

Maya GraceHeart Chakra: Making Better Relations