Conscious Awareness

Build Conscious Awareness of Synchronicity in Your Life

Now that you know what synchronicity is, how to distinguish between it and chance, and how it is revealed in your life, you can begin to use your conscious awareness of it in your daily life. Remember, not every fluky thing that happens to you is necessarily synchronicity. But when you are face to face with true synchronicity you can …

Maya GraceBuild Conscious Awareness of Synchronicity in Your Life

Discerning the Difference between Signs and Happenstances

Have you ever opened a book looking for something and landed on the exact page that you wanted? Can you do that again? As we explore the potential meaning behind synchronicity and those eerie coincidences that can leave you totally speechless, let’s first talk about distinguishing between signs and happenstance. Signs versus Happenstance The easiest way to distinguish between pure …

Maya GraceDiscerning the Difference between Signs and Happenstances
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Can You Attract Synchronicities?

Now that you have an idea of how to discern synchronicities from flukes, can you attract amazing synchronicities? The answer is no, you can’t attract synchronicity. That is the distinguishing character between it and chance; synchronicity happens without logical explanation and beyond your control. But what you can do is be aware of it so that you can recognize it …

Maya GraceCan You Attract Synchronicities?
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Synchronicity: Signs or Just Weird?

Buckle your seat belts! This month we are going to delve into a truly fascinating topic that you may have never really thought too deeply about. I’m talking about synchronicity: happenstance, coincidence, eerie premonitions, and uncanny intuition. Is it a part of our psyche or is it random external occurrences? Could there be ordered occurrences created by design by some …

Maya GraceSynchronicity: Signs or Just Weird?