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Learn to Let Go

Finally as we explore the aftermath of an upheaval in your life, before you can move on, you have to learn to let go. It is a fact that negative emotions are the root cause of most of life’s difficulties. It keeps you from being able to turn something negative into a positive. Letting Go of Depression  As a certified …

Maya GraceLearn to Let Go
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Transform Chaos into Creativity

“Resilience is a capacity as old as our origins otherwise we wouldn’t be here” – Margaret Weathley and Debora Frieze I found this quote helpful before when I talked about developing resilience in times of crisis. It’s fitting in this context too when discussing chaos because often when a crisis occurs, chaos is implied. Just like a crisis can help …

Maya GraceTransform Chaos into Creativity
Finding yourself, creating yourself | Mental Healthy

Creating Yourself

“The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself.” – Deepak Chopra There are people who create for themselves a complete persona; an alternate version of themselves that is reserved for a particular audience. Their true selves however may be the complete opposite of their personas. Sometimes it’s necessary for public figures – think of …

Maya GraceCreating Yourself
#SAbeginnings: From Undergrad to #SAPro and the Imposter Syndrome


When you are recognized and praised for something that you love doing, it is easy to give in to the feeling of being an imposter, a fraud. I know through experience. My first career began before I was even legally an adult. I was a singer and apparently very good at it. All I knew is that I loved to …

Maya GraceImposter