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Finding Your Flow Day 11: Activating Love

Heart Chakra: Making Better Relations

Balancing your heart chakra alone won’t create better relationships but it will help you create better relations with everything around you from the earth you walk on to the people you love. It is in essence, love central for your chakras.

Color Association: Green

Physical Location: The spot between your breasts beneath your sternum. It is the 4th chakra and the place where your heart energy enters the body.

Your Love Center

The literal translation of the Sanskrit word Anahata which is the Hindu name of the heart chakra is “unstruck, unhurt, and unbeaten.” Your heart chakra isn’t just your love center. It is also your calm center, your peace-of-mind center.

Its color association green represents prosperity, good health, and overall good fortune. When reading your chakras it will tell you whether or not your chi is out of alignment.

All of your happiness, your altruistic love of mankind, the earth, and animals, is rooted in the heart chakra. In New Age concepts the heart chakra gets its name from our Western understanding of love, compassion, and kindness.

Although your heart chakra influences the way in which you perceive physical touching and the way that you express yourself to others through touch, this is a pure type of sensuality; think comforting someone with a hug or crying with your friend over their problems.

Corresponding Physical Functions: Skin, hands, lymph, and thymus glands.

Your Heart Chakra in Balance

People with heart chakras in balance are at their most beautiful because they are overflowing with a pure love towards others. You are more giving of yourself, are able to deeply empathize with others, and you do those things for no other reason than you truly care.

Your love is not only directed outwardly from the heart chakra. You are able to share yourself and your love with others because you are one with yourself and the love that you have for yourself radiates out beyond you. That is why a balanced heart chakra leads to better and more loving relations that are stronger and last longer.

An Imbalanced Heart Chakra

If you are experiencing an imbalance in your heart chakra you will have troubled relationships because you are living with anger or are always carrying suspicion of people’s motives whether warranted or not. You also will suffer from jealousy and a bitterness towards others for what they have. If your heart chakra is weak you may:

  • Feel Distant from Others
  • Become Needy in Relationships
  • Suffer from Loneliness
  • Be Riddled with Insecurities

If your heart chakra on the other hand is hyperactive, you’ll experience a different type of negativity. You may:

  • Become Easily Overwhelmed
  • Go through Deep Emotional Swings
  • Exhibit Fits of Jealousy and Anger
  • Or Live Recklessly

Whether your heart chakra is hyperactive or hypoactive it leads to the same physical problems. You may experience:

  • Trouble Sleeping
  • High Blood Pressure
  • A Weakened Immune System
  • Heart Trouble
  • Bad Circulation
  • And Skin Rashes or Infections

You may also feel lethargic and suffer from back pain that keeps you from being active. In order to balance your heart chakra, you have to attack it from two angles; first you need to open your heart chakra and then you can balance it.

Balancing Your Heart Chakra

Sometimes very generous people are giving for the wrong reasons – to ‘buy’ love, to make friends, to hold on to relationships. The first step to balancing your heart chakra is to begin with loving yourself.

If you give but feel resentment for it or think others don’t appreciate it which leads to anger, your heart chakra is out of balance. Bad self-esteem issues may require counseling. You can begin by keeping green stones that represent the heart chakra near you like:

  • Emeralds
  • Peridot
  • Jasper
  • Jade
  • Green Quartz

For meditation visualize in green. If you have a quiet grassy space in your backyard, sit among green grass to really get deep into a meditative state. Earth fragrances like cedar, pine, and eucalyptus are excellent fragrances to accompany meditation and yoga for heart chakra balancing. In your diet, add more green fruits and veggies. That could be a large variety of things from watermelons to cucumbers.

Maya GraceHeart Chakra: Making Better Relations
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Crown Chakra: Supernatural Power

Do you believe in miracles? If so, your crown chakra is the key to unlocking your supernatural power to transcend the laws of physics and nature and actually be the conduit for miraculous happenings. With this chakra in balance, there is no need to fear death or to doubt a higher power – your elevated consciousness of both gives you a stronger sense of internal peace.

Color Association: Purple, Violet, and White

Physical Location: At the very top of your head. It is the 7th Chakra that feeds life energy into all other chakras.

Supernatural Power

The crown chakra, also known as the 7th Chakra and in Sanskrit called the Sahasrara, which literally translated means “thousand fold,” is a lotus chakra. Its Sanskrit name is derived based on the thousand petals in white that surround the crown chakra’s purple or violet center.

The crown chakra or the 7th chakra connects your non-physical energy to the universe. It infuses all other chakras with universal light and energy.

Corresponding Physical Functions: Nervous system, muscles, brain, head, ears, eyes, skin, and pineal gland.

Your Crown Chakra in Balance

Crown chakras are associated with life energy. With your crown chakra in balance, your ability to communicate with a higher power is exponentially heightened to the point that you can become the conduit for miracles.

Whether through spiritual healing, supernatural phenomena, or visions and prophecies, your crown chakra is the energy center within you where all of those things originate.

An Imbalanced Crown Chakra

One of the most noticeable effects of an imbalanced crown chakra is withdrawal and solitude. When your crown chakra is out of balance you have a hard time connecting with your inner being and with other people.

If your crown chakra is overactive, you will suffer some of the same effects as a hyperactive third eye chakra. Like with the third eye chakra, when your crown chakra is overactive you will over-think things.

You could find yourself obsessing about the good old days, living in the past or petrified of the future worrying about things that haven’t happened to you and may never happen. On the other side of the coin a blocked or weak crown chakra turns you into a selfish unfeeling person.

You lack intuition and empathy. You tend to be very judgmental and carry yourself in a cold and distant manner. It’s no wonder that when your crown chakra is out of whack, it can lead to serious health problems including:

  • Depression
  • Paralysis
  • Headaches
  • Neuroses
  • Dementia
  • Epilepsy

Unsurprisingly when you are suffering from a weakened chakra you won’t enjoy your life and you are more likely to do unethical things. You feel totally disconnected from your higher power and therefore receive none of the wisdom or peace that comes from oneness with a supreme being.

Balancing Your Crown Chakra

Your crown chakra tipped one way or the other is a bad thing. The goal is to strike a perfect balance and to maintain it. One easy way to do that is to begin a meditation or prayer ritual. Every day humble yourself before a higher power and seek guidance and strength while acknowledging your love and appreciation for that power.

Of course you will want to meditate using the color purple, white, and or violet to focus your energy. Amber, diamonds, rose quartz, and amethyst are all excellent stones to wear on your body to draw in energy through your crown chakra. Use fragrances including fragrant flowers for meditation and yoga.

When you begin balancing your crown chakra, try a two day fast first drinking plenty of water. Then begin adding more purple fruits like plums and grapes to your diet as well as veggies and warm broth soups.

Maya GraceCrown Chakra: Supernatural Power

Third Eye Chakra: Telepathy Unleashed

You don’t have to be a psychic per se to have telepathic abilities. Everyone has a third eye chakra and when it is unleashed your mental telepathy will be too. Also known as the “brow chakra” all other chakras must be in balance in order to harness the gifts hidden within your third eye chakra.

Color Association: Indigo

Physical Location: In the middle of your forehead just above the top of your nose. Energy enters through the spot between your brow, hence the alternate term “Brow” chakra.

Telepathy Unleashed

When you see Indian women with a red dot in the middle of their foreheads it is there to represent their third eye. It is a part of the Hindu tradition but has been adopted by New Age concepts in the West. In the West, we use the color indigo or purple to represent our “Center of Knowing”; the literal translation of the Sanskrit word Ajna which represents the third eye chakra.

Another term for your third eye chakra is the “6th chakra” which correlates to our concept of a sixth sense or ESP. This chakra controls your innermost thoughts and sense of enlightenment.

It is where your intuition, your perceptions, and your goals and dreams develop. The stronger your third eye chakra, the more in tune with your inner self you will be thereby increasing your conscious awareness.

Corresponding Physical Functions: Eyes, ears, nose, brain, nervous system, and the pituitary gland.

Your Third Eye Chakra in Balance

When in balance, your third eye chakra will give you more confidence. You will be more charismatic and you will lose a lot of the nagging worries that plague most people. You will enjoy clear thoughts and will have a stronger sense of the right direction when making decisions in your life.

On a deeper level, you will experience telepathic moments in your life where you know things without knowing how you knew them. This heightened telepathy and intuition can save your life or help you succeed at things you never would have imagined possible.

An Imbalanced Third Eye Chakra

On the other hand, when your third eye chakra is out of balance, it will either be overactive or inactive/weak. Either one has negative consequences to your overall well being.

Overactive Third Eye Chakra

When your third eye chakra is overactive, you will over think things, be frozen with indecision, or you could end up misleading yourself mistaking daydreams and fantasy for true telepathy and intuition. Your discernment is thrown off and you start making bad decisions.

If you’re experiencing a weak third eye chakra, you lack the spunk and gusto to even imagine what you want from life. You lose confidence in your abilities and you lose hope for the possibilities of your future. Physically, both imbalances lead to health problems like:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Forgetfulness
  • Stress
  • And Headaches

In order to balance your third eye chakra, it’s better to have all five of your other chakras aligned. And you will want to spend time trying different meditation techniques until you find the one that is most effective for you.

Balancing Your Third Eye Chakra

Once your other chakras are balanced, begin strengthening your third eye through meditation. Buy an indigo colored stone like amethyst or azurite to wear as a necklace, ring, or bracelet to draw out the energy from your third eye chakra.

During meditation, try incense with earthy smells like sage or marjoram. Then add more proteins to your diet like nuts and salmon. Balancing your third eye chakra will take skilled meditation and deep thought. Brush up on some of the self-hypnosis techniques I’ve shared with you to start practicing your prayer and meditation rituals.

Maya GraceThird Eye Chakra: Telepathy Unleashed
Speaking your Truth – tips for the Throat Chakra | Cauldrons and ... Speaking your Truth – tips for the Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra: Find Your True Voice

The moment you breathed air, you made sound. It was your most instinctive voice. But over the course of your life, you learn to moderate your natural voice, maybe even try to fit in and end up losing your true voice. The throat chakra uses non-physical energy to reveal at last your true voice thereby increasing your joy and overall well being.

Color Association: Blue

Physical Location: Between the 3rd and 5th vertebrae (at the base of your neck). Energy enters through the throat.

Your True Voice

Its Indian name is the Vishuddhi Chakra, which means “true voice.” Though it is known as the throat chakra in New Age chakra design, it actually has more to do with your ability to communicate with others and for others to communicate with you.

Communication in this sense is multi-layered; external communication with others and your internal communication with your true self. Within you, there is an internal voice that is your true and natural voice. It knows everything that you have experienced and knows the true desires of your heart and how you really feel.

Corresponding Physical Functions: Thyroid, throat, ears, neck, teeth, jaws, and esophagus.

Your Throat Chakra in Balance

When in balance, your throat chakra will emit a light energy which colors all of your communications. You will find that you are better able to express yourself whether through art or your natural voice. You will feel better and have a better disposition in your daily life.

In addition to that, the throat chakra helps you communicate with your high power. Meditation, prayer, and hypnotherapy will all be easier and more effective if your throat chakra is in balance.

An Imbalanced Throat Chakra

When your throat chakra is out of balance you may experience both physical and non-physical symptoms. Sometimes it is just that your throat chakra is not emitting enough energy resulting in a weakened throat chakra. There could be a blockage that is preventing your throat chakra from functioning properly or you could be receiving too much energy through your throat chakra.

If your throat chakra is weak, it will manifest itself in shyness. You may not feel comfortable expressing yourself or your opinions in front of other people. You will allow others to talk over you and you lack the confidence to speak up for yourself.

On the other hand, if your throat chakra is overly active, you will be the one dominating others either through aggressive or negative talk, screaming, or by ignoring the feelings or disrespecting the opinions of others. Your energy imbalance may be reflected in deteriorating physical health, including:

  • Arthritis or Stiffness
  • Shoulder and Neck Pain
  • Sore Throat
  • Pain in the Jaw or Gums
  • Problems with Your Thyroid

However, if you learn how to balance your throat chakra, your interactions with people will be much more pleasant. You’ll be better able to create an artistic masterpiece. And your intuition for discerning truth from lie will be heightened.

Balancing Your Throat Chakra

There are a number of ways to help bring your throat chakra back into balance. Here are just a few steps that you can take to either bring your energy down a few notches or to increase the energy flowing to and from your throat chakra.

  • Surround Yourself in Blue: The blue color has an ethereal effect on your throat chakra. Buy a blue chakra stone or crystal necklace to keep it near your throat.
  • Meditate in Blue: When you meditate, focusing on the color blue can help you visualize to get deeper into a meditative state. Add incense or other pleasant smells to aid meditation.
  • Get Artistic: You could help rebalance your throat chakra by simply getting back into your art. Draw, paint, sing, and do arts and crafts, whatever gets your creative juices flowing.
  • Eat Fruit and Drink Water: Imbalances in your chakra could be nutrition related. Add more fruit and water to your daily diet to help balance your throat chakra.
Maya GraceThroat Chakra: Find Your True Voice
Chakras 101: Location, Qualities, Development & Use If you have been to a yoga class or yoga themed workshop, you may have heard the teacher using the word 'Chakra'.

Exploring the Seven Chakras

You’ve heard the words before; chakras, chi, aligning your chi, but do you know what they really mean? This month, we are going to explore the seven chakras: what they are, what they do, and how you can use chakras to stimulate your physical and mental harmony.

What is a Chakra?

Literally translated, chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel or circle. But there are several ways that you can interpret the word circle or wheel as it relates to chakras. For instance, in ancient Indian cultures, chakras referred to the arrangement of people during rituals in a circle.

Buddhists who believe in reincarnation think of the circle as in the circle of life and the many ways in which we are reborn. Rooted in Indian and East Asian cultures, the concept of chakras only became popular in the West after ancient texts were translated into English.

At the beginning of the 20th Century, the new age concept of the seven main chakras came into being based on Western interpretations.

The New Age Concept of Chakras

According to the New Age concept of chakras, the wheel or circle refers to the energy vector or the point where spiritual or non-physical energy enters your body. Your physical and spiritual are connected through your chakras which are aligned from head to toe along your spinal cord.

Represented as colorful stones, flowers, or lotuses, new age practitioners often combine the concept of chakras and chi (your chakras in harmonious alignment) with other forms of meditation and holistic methods like yoga. There is a color associated with each different chakra and each chakra corresponds to some physical function in your body:

  1. Crown Chakra is purple
  2. Heart Chakra is Green
  3. Root Chakra is Red
  4. Sacral Chakra  is Orange
  5. Solar Plexus is Yellow
  6. Third Eye Chakra is Indigo
  7. And Throat Chakra is Blue

Invigorate Your Mind and Body with Chakras

For the next two months, we’ll delve deeply into all seven of the major chakras, their color associations, and the physical function that each corresponds to. As we explore this topic, you’ll notice how consciousness and subconscious are connected to chi alignment and how many of the other concepts we’ve explored reinforce this part of your inner being.

Like your subconscious and the universal laws, your chakras and their alignment will also manifest outwardly. When your chi is out of balance because one or more of your chakras are not functioning properly your physical and mental health suffers.

Too often, when you are feeling down and lack energy, the first thing you do is head for a pill or coffee. After these next two months, you will know enough about your chakras and how to align them that you can replace pills and coffee with better and healthier ways to seek physical, mental, and emotional balance.

Maya GraceExploring the Seven Chakras
Conscious Awareness

Build Conscious Awareness of Synchronicity in Your Life

Now that you know what synchronicity is, how to distinguish between it and chance, and how it is revealed in your life, you can begin to use your conscious awareness of it in your daily life.

Remember, not every fluky thing that happens to you is necessarily synchronicity. But when you are face to face with true synchronicity you can use it to avert disaster, make fortuitous decisions, and enjoy more of the magic and wonder in life.

Interpreting Synchronicity Correctly

We can both look at the same cloud and see two different things. Likewise, when a synchronicity happens to you, there are often multiple ways to interpret it. So how do you interpret synchronicity correctly?

First, there is no way to correctly interpret synchronicity without a robust internal life. Whether that includes prayer, meditation, yoga, or faith, synchronicity is first and foremost internal. Only the effects are revealed externally.

To interpret what you see against what you feel inside, you have to be in tune with your inner self. The message will come to you in a dream, vision, premonition, or gut feeling. You must learn how to communicate within or with a higher power for the correct interpretation.

Take a look at some of my previous blog posts that will guide you in developing your inner life.

What to do with the Messages Received

Some messages are easy to interpret: You keep seeing the same 4 numbers in a row all day long, so you play the lottery with those numbers. It doesn’t mean that you will win, but if you believe it is synchronicity, your chances are much greater of winning now than without it!

Dreams that are warnings or premonitions can be a little harder to interpret. If you keep in mind that these types of synchronies are part of your inner message board so to speak, you know that internal messages are given through feelings. What you see in a dream isn’t as important as what you feel.

A warning can be a very simple image with little to go on but the deep sorrow you feel in your heart. Sit in quiet meditation or prayer to listen for what to do with the message you received.

Developing Awareness to Receive Synchronic Messages

All of these things: recognizing synchronicity, interpreting it, and acting on it, requires a higher level of consciousness. We have talked before about living life with an open mind and being more open to new experiences.

Like most of the tools I give you on this blog for turning your life around, if you are a negative person or closed off to change, it won’t work. Before you can begin realizing special synchronicities in your life, you have to shake the shackles of pessimism and doubt.

5 Ways to Reveal More Synchronicity in Your Life

  1. Keep a dream journal by your nightstand and write them down as soon as you wake up.
  2. Try meditating on a premonition or gut feeling.
  3. Watch for significance in every day life whether it is cloud formations, a beautiful vista, or a conversation with a stranger; these all provide opportunities for more synchronicity.
  4. Talk about synchronicities that have happen to you with your friends and family – they may see in ways that you don’t and you can learn from their stories to look for more in your life.
  5. Be objective. Don’t just interpret messages the way that you want them to be but see them for what they are even if it isn’t the answer or message you were hoping for.
Maya GraceBuild Conscious Awareness of Synchronicity in Your Life

Discerning the Difference between Signs and Happenstances

Have you ever opened a book looking for something and landed on the exact page that you wanted? Can you do that again? As we explore the potential meaning behind synchronicity and those eerie coincidences that can leave you totally speechless, let’s first talk about distinguishing between signs and happenstance.

Signs versus Happenstance

The easiest way to distinguish between pure happenstance and potentially a synchronistic sign is just that. Was it a lucky fluke like flipping a coin 10 times in a row and landing on heads as you called it? Or was it something bigger.

An example of a sign is a black cat crosses your path, you pass by an accident, and you notice that it is Friday the 13th on the same day you are supposed to propose to someone. You may see all of those things and think that you should pick another day to pop the question.

Synchronicity happens when on your way to your next date, you catch your lover in flagrante with someone else. Were all of those “signs” just superstitious hocus pocus if it led you down the right path? Having your suspicions or uneasiness affirmed is the difference between a bonafide synchronicity and a neat little happenstance.

Skeptics versus Believers

It was the famed psychologist Carl Jung who first came up with the word for these funny happenings, calling it synchronicity. His theory is that there is an entire world just beneath what we perceive as reality.

When we see synchronicities, those are moments when we are momentarily synced with an invisible world. It is as if for a moment the curtain separating the visible from the invisible is pulled back and we see the work going on behind it.

Believers, no matter their faith, even agnostics will often attribute these things to a higher power believing that they happen by design; that there is an actual cause and effect that crosses the divide between the physical world and the beyond.

Of course, a skeptic would always point to pure luck as the root for synchronicity. And of course when superstition is involved like the example above, it’s easy to brush it off as coincidence. But when it is harder to explain, even skeptics have a tough time brushing off true synchronistic events.

Faith is the Difference in Your Perspective

Believers may see signs where there are none. There is some evidence that synchronicity is heightened during times of difficulty or great sadness.

Your grandmother dies. As you are looking at a photo of her holding your hand, you look up at the sky and notice that the clouds look like a big hand and a small hand clasping; almost exactly as it looks in the picture.

Is it a sign from God reassuring you that your grandma is in heaven? Is it an angel? Or are you just seeing what you want to see? But what about those weird coincidences that happen every day, not related to any kind of emotional need in your life?

Looking for Synchronicities in Your Life

Now to the nitty gritty; you want to know how to distinguish between the two so that you can know how to recognize signs that are warnings and to know when to listen to your gut. Synchronicity that “means something” will come by way of dream, premonition, a gut feeling, etc.; you’ll feel it internally not just see it physically.

A good luck charm helping you win at the track will eventually give out. But I can help you laser in on those gut feelings, the ones you really want to know about, to help you discern between signs and happenstance and use that knowledge for your good.

Maya GraceDiscerning the Difference between Signs and Happenstances
Hope in the palm

Can You Attract Synchronicities?

Now that you have an idea of how to discern synchronicities from flukes, can you attract amazing synchronicities? The answer is no, you can’t attract synchronicity. That is the distinguishing character between it and chance; synchronicity happens without logical explanation and beyond your control.

But what you can do is be aware of it so that you can recognize it when it does happen. In order to do that, you have to be aware of the different types of synchronicities and how they are revealed in your life.

Synchronic Events: Premonitions, Dreams, Visions, and Gut Feelings

With all synchronic events, what happens internally manifests itself externally. If you have a dream, a premonition or a gut feeling that is a genuine synchronicity, those things will be confirmed in the tangible world. The common thread for each is the internal component; the “inner knowing.”


You are sitting at home watching TV and suddenly, you see police sirens in your mind and your son pulled over on the side of the road. Hours later, you receive a phone call from the police station. Your son was pulled over and arrested for DUI.

What you experienced was a premonition. It was a vision into something that was about to happen that you received in a waking state. The phone call from the station confirms your premonition was real.


You have a dream about a place you have never seen before but it feels like you have. Months later you get a job promotion and are relocated to a new place. One day driving down the street you recognize your surroundings from that dream.

When synchrony comes in the form of a dream, your confirmation may come days, weeks, months, or even years after your dream. But when the synchronic moment occurs, that dream will be brought back to your mind confirming that you saw that place before in a dream.


Visions are more often attributed to religious people and people of faith. In actuality, anyone can have a vision. It is like a waking dream. Your inner voice begins speaking to you and explaining maybe the clouds that you are looking at with knowledge and wisdom that you do not have; knowing without knowing how or why.

Gut Feelings

You are planning a trip. All of the sudden, you get a feeling in your gut like butterflies; sometimes it feels like your heart in the pit of your stomach. Somehow you know that those feelings mean that you shouldn’t take that trip.

Like visions, gut feelings or intuition give you a sense of knowing without knowing how or why. So you cancel your trip. With gut feelings, you may never know if that was a true synchrony. You may have taken the trip and everything would have been fine. Or your gut may have saved you from something terrible.

Expect Positive Synchronicities

If you are looking for something bad to happen, you will notice a bunch of bad synchronic events. Now you begin to think that you are just unlucky, a jinx. You’re mentally calling it into existence.

However, if you expect positive synchronicity to come your way, that is what you will observe more often than not. Through the law of attraction, you can influence the type of synchronicity that you observe in your life.

Recognizing Synchronicities

True synchronicity happens internally. The fuller your internal life, the more deeply you will be able to feel and react to synchronicity. Your inner life, your ability to tap into your subconscious and direct your conscious, will heighten your ability to recognize synchronicity in your life.

Maya GraceCan You Attract Synchronicities?
Image from: What is Synchronicity? | Spirit Science

Synchronicity: Signs or Just Weird?

Buckle your seat belts! This month we are going to delve into a truly fascinating topic that you may have never really thought too deeply about. I’m talking about synchronicity: happenstance, coincidence, eerie premonitions, and uncanny intuition.

Is it a part of our psyche or is it random external occurrences? Could there be ordered occurrences created by design by some higher power? And if so, can we tap into that part of our consciousness and use it to our benefit?

Synchronicity: Seemingly Logically Impossible

First, by definition, synchronicity (also known as synchrony) is when something happens that appears to be cause and effect but logically seems impossible. For example, the name of someone you knew decades ago but you haven’t seen in about as long pops into your head.

That same day, that person calls you out of the blue. Did you conjure them up with that random thought? Was it just coincidence? If so, that’s a pretty amazing coincidence! So do those incredible synchronicities that happen over the course of your life mean anything and are they by design?

Synchronicity: Quirky Little Happenings or Supernatural Phenomena?

If you believe that what we perceive as reality is just the physical manifestation of what is real spiritually then you probably believe that synchronicity is a supernatural phenomenon; ordered by design by a higher power.

If on the other hand you do not believe in a higher power, when something synchronistic happens to you, you likely brush it off as a quirky little happening; only good for an interesting conversation piece.

In science, synchronicity lies in the metaphysical realm; it doesn’t work on a physical plain though it is observed in reality. In other words, it may have been a feeling (intuition) that causes you to change a flight that you find out later crashed or you took the wrong road only to find out that the road you should have been on was washed out.

Your feeling or intuition cannot be explained by physics. How could your brain have known that there was danger ahead and sent a conscious signal telling you to go a different way? But the evidence that your intuition was right is apparent in reality; the plane you would have been on crashed; the road you were supposed to be on was washed out.

Conscious Awareness may Attract Synchronicity

Perhaps these things happen more often than you realize. When you live your life day-to-day detached from your spiritual and subconscious being, you will miss a lot of things in life, including synchronicity.

For the rest of the month, we will explore whether or not there is a way to attract wonderful synchronicities into your life through your subconscious and conscious mind. Then we will learn about discerning what is a sign or an omen and how to “listen” to your inner voice.

Finally we will discuss all the ways that synchronicity is revealed in your life. Whether through a dream, déjà vu, or a premonition; there is something fascinating and oftentimes life altering, contained within each synchronistic moment in your life.

Maya GraceSynchronicity: Signs or Just Weird?
Genre Buchcover Teil 2: Liebesromane - epubli

Learn to Let Go

Finally as we explore the aftermath of an upheaval in your life, before you can move on, you have to learn to let go. It is a fact that negative emotions are the root cause of most of life’s difficulties. It keeps you from being able to turn something negative into a positive.

Letting Go of Depression 

As a certified hypnotherapist and motivational speaker, you may think that I would not succumb to things like depression. Truly every day I work to make sure that I apply all of these principles that we have discussed here on this blog to my own life.

Most days, even when I am stressed out or dealing with personal troubles, I am still able to access the peace of mind and calm inside of me. But when you lose things that are or were dear to you, whether it is a spouse, a friendship, pictures, your home, it is very easy to slip into a depression.

When I saw the devastation the fire left behind, I was angry at me, angry at the situation, just angry. Then when I began to tally up all that was lost, I became very depressed.

Believe me, I know that letting go is very hard to do. Anyone who has ever experienced a catastrophic fire knows how depressing going through the rubble can be and finding most of your life in a pile of ashes. I lost everything but some clothes and pictures. But is that really everything?

Let Go and Move On

Sure I had lost a lot of things, but that’s just it isn’t it? I lost things. What makes letting go hard to do is that it is easy to forget that things, even irreplaceable things are not everything. Putting your values in perspective is a necessity in order to move on.

So you begin to tally what you still have instead of focusing on what was lost. What I found when I began adding up what was of true value to me is that I was in the exact same place as I was before, with all of the strength, determination, passion, and love that existed before the fire.

Finding the Strength to Rebuild

That is when I knew that I had to let go and stop looking back. I had all of the emotional and spiritual tools and materials I needed to rebuild. I told myself, ‘Look, I came to this country with nothing but one piece of luggage and a couple hundred bucks in my pocket but that wasn’t all that I had. I also had a colossal desire to reach my potential.’

And the fact of the matter is I’m not finished reaching that potential. I turned to my true passion and renewed that fire for my work in public speaking. Getting back into my work helped me to push myself, to challenge myself, to reach out to the masses, and to learn from them.

True, I lost a lot of things in the fire, but things aren’t everything. As it has done in the past, my passion for life and my life’s passion have given me the strength and courage I need to let go and move on. Remember, one thing that we do know is that you can never turn a negative into a positive with negative backward thinking. Look forward and you will find the power to let go of the past.

Maya GraceLearn to Let Go